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Maximo Elementary Schoolwide
Title 1 Program

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What is Title 1?

Title 1 is the largest federal education program in the country.  In Pinellas County, 52 public elementary schools are served by the Title 1 Schoolwide Program.  Title 1 was established in 1965.  The new title of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 is amended as the “No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.”  President Bush signed this piece of legislation on January 8, 2002.

Title 1 Schoolwide Program schools receive additional funds from the Federal Government to enhance the educational program of the entire school.  The overall goal of Title 1 is highest student achievement for all students, therefore the funding is used to hire additional teachers, teaching partners, or other staff.  The funds can also be used to purchase instructional materials which will benefit students in their classrooms.  All decisions are made carefully and recorded in the Title 1 Schoolwide Plan.  School plans, which support the specific goals and programs of the school, are available in the school office.

Parents are part of the Title 1 Team and encouraged to participate in their child’s education.  Parent involvement increases student achievement.  Teachers, parents, and students will sign a Compact which is an agreement between the home and school to share the responsibility for student learning.  Parents need to work with their child at home, attend parent/teacher conferences, and keep teachers informed about home events that might affect their child at school.  Joining parent organizations (PTA and S.A.C.), helping at school as a volunteer, and attending school events and parent trainings are important.  Parent participation will build the home and school partnership that is so essential for successful schools.




How does Title 1 work at Maximo?

At Maximo, a portion of the funds are spent so that students who qualify through classroom assessments will receive extra help in reading, writing and math.  This help is offered during the regular school day.  Funds are also allocated for extra staff support in technology and curriculum.  In addition, classroom instructional supplies and parent workshops are provided.  Highest student achievement for each & every Maximo Mariner is our goal!

What will your child gain?
Additional classroom computers.
Help in a small group.
Books and materials to use at home!
Confidence and success.
Additional instruction in reading, writing or math.

How can parents help?
We encourage you to participate in your child’s education because your involvement increases student achievement.  You can work with your child at home.  You can attend parent teacher conferences and keep teachers informed about home events that might affect your child at school.  You can join parent organizations (PTA and SAC) and attend school events and parent workshops.  You can also help at school as a volunteer.  When parents are our partners in the educational process, all children will benefit.



Take Home Computer Program
Family Resource Booklets (located in front office).
Take Home Reading Program .
Parent Workshops Parent/Student/Teacher Contracts .
Back to School Night and Annual Title 1 Meeting Evening .
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Workshop PTA and SAC Volunteers





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