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Contributor Information
Name: Sherry Detraz
email address: Sherry_Detraz@places.pinellas.k12.fl.us
School: Fuguitt Elementary School, Pinellas County, Florida


Sunshine State Standards for Weather
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NET Standards
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Lesson Plan

Title: Weather: Words-Water Cycle-Forecasting

Technology Resource Requirements:


Subject Area(s): Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Social Studies

Grade Level: First Grade

Short Description:
Students will learn weather vocabulary, how to observe and record daily weather, and what the water cycle is. With this knowledge, the students will construct their own weather forecast and share it with their peers and parents.


Approximate Time Required: 2 to 3 weeks

Gain Attention:




Lessons and learning will be teacher facilitated and directed. Students will be active participants in all lessons and activities. Teacher will supervise internet use, and provide support for other technology tools and applications. Cooperative learning groups will also be used.Tools:Computer with internet connection, PowerPoint, HyperStudio, digital camera, video camera, word processing program such as AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, or Microsoft Word, draw program such as AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, Kid Pix, or Microsoft Word, printer, projection devices such as televisions and LCD projectors, paper, markers, masking tape, plastic bottles, rulers,rain gauge, thermometer, and Storm in the Night


Graphing Rubric

Forecast - Presentation Rubric