Web Quest
by Jackie Davis
San Jose' Elementary




Look around you. What do you see? Have you ever thought about what things are made of? You will work with your partner and your team as you complete this Web Quest where you will discover lots of new and interesting facts.


The Tasks:



PowerPoint Slide Show "Matter"

Chem4kids site


The Process:

1. Click on matter to view a PowerPoint slide show. You will be creating a magazine collage with your partner. Choose one heading for your 18"x24" white drawing paper. (liquid, solid, gas, physical change, chemical change, properties) Write the heading you choose. You and your partner find pictures that go with your heading from the magazines. Cut and glue onto paper. When finished, hang on bulletin board. We will share whole group when each team is finished. Be prepared to explain why you chose your pictures.


2. You and your partner will each need a piece of plain white paper. Fold the paper in fourths. Put your name on the top. You will be using 6 of the sections. Label each section with these headings: 1. states 2. liquids 3. solids 4. gases 5. mixtures 6. plasmas. Go to Chem4Kids site at http://www.chem4kids.com/matter/index.html/. Click on the matter section. You will see a map showing states with the same labels as your paper. You and your partner will visit each section.


You will be evaluated on the quality of your work, showing evidence that you completed each task during whole group sharing. The class will decide on the criteria for a rubric created by the students and teacher.

You will complete a self evaluation for the Matter Web Quest.



Now you know that matter is everywhere. Be sure to use your senses as you notice the properties and states of matter all around you.




Now that you are aware that everything is made up of matter, look around you and see how many things you can find that are liquid or solid or gas. As you look at an object, think what