The Plants of the Rainforest


You have read all the general information and learned some things about what a rainforest is, why the rainforest is so important, where the rainforests are located in the world, and how saving the rainforest is a issue at this time. Now it is time for you to assume your role as an expert to help the World Council to make a decision. You are a ethnobotanist that is an expert on rainforest plants. The World Council believes that you are the best expert to help with their decision, so let's get started.

Your job is to become an expert on the variety of plants that live in the rainforest. Who are the native people? How do they dress? How do they make a living? What do they eat? What do plants look like? Where do they grow? What are the plants used for? Are they endangered (at risk of disappearing)?

To be able to answer your questions, you need to explore the library and web sites on the Internet about plants of the rainforest. Keep a journal with all you questions, answers and resources (where you got the information). Don't lose this journal, because you will have to start over again. You will need this journal to help you with preparing your presentation for the World Council. Think about how saving the rainforest will or will not affect the plants you read about.

Let's Go!!!

Click on the following links:

What kind of plants are there? (Be sure to click on the "next" button at the bottom of the page, so you can read all 3 pages.)

Plants of the Americas ( Do not click on the "next" button at the bottom of the page)


Rainforest Biome: Plant Adaptation Medicine (Do not click on the "next" button at the bottom of the page)

Now you have become familiar with the plants of the rainforest, you need to write a one page report to share with your team. After you have written your report, you need to go back to your team, use all the information you have gather and share. As a team, go back to task and follow the steps to finish the team's report to the World Council.