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Continually improving student achievement through the use of technology.

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TEC (Technology Enhanced Curriculum)
Lesson Plans

Lesson plans catagorized by grade levels and subjects. These lesson plans were created by CTIP and PROJECT CONNECT educators. These lesson plans are based on APPLE'S UOP's (Units of Practice) which were developed from the ACOT study.

Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

Information about teaching and learning, how technology can be integrated into the curriculum, portfolio assessment, and specific help from Project Connect K-12 teachers.

What is Learning? Active Learning
What Learning Looks Like Individualized Learning
How Learning is Different with Technology Project Connect
Cooperative Learning Portfolio Assessment
Interdisciplinary Learning  


Curriculum Resources

Starter Sites lists some of the best web sites for teachers to visit that support teaching and learning. The URL Database is a database of sites that is searchable on-line.


Web Resource Database

The Web Resource Database is a searchable collection of educational related web sites. This database is searchable by subject and topic. You can also submit your own favorite URLs to add to the database.



Software Flex List - Software approved by the Software Evaluation Committee that can be purchased in Pinellas County, Florida using flex textbook funds. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view this list.


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